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Theresa Sabbagh

Business Name: Unique & Eclectic Designs
Type of Work: Custom Jewelry Making, Abstract painting and Photography

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Facebook: Theresa M Sabbagh

Twitter: tesasab@twitter


I became interested in all forms of art at a very young age. I have to give all my credit to my dad as he was kind enough to pass on his creativity genes to all of us. I think he gave me just a few more. I found this to be a relaxing hobby and way to express my feelings, which I find to be a blessing. I also like to make people smile and through my art I see that happen.

I never let the word 'no' deter me away from expressing myself. Beside the fore mentioned venues, I also enjoy quilting & crochet. I am not just an artist but a very passionate person in my beliefs that the Arts in any form are a wonderful opportunity for everyone but, especially for people with disabilities, like myself. I have 8 auto-immune diseases and I challenge them every day to make me say 'no or I can't', so far I am winning the battle, with our Lord's help, I know I will continue forward.

One day I hope to have my own store front on Trade Street, so I may share my art and my blessings with all who would come to Unique & Eclectic Designs. My doors would always be open to people who are disabled like me, to let me host their works of art in my store. Ultimately, I would like to one day inspire people of all walks of life to learn to express themselves in the Arts. Art makes life easier to handle when you have a Canvas to unload your feelings on, which in turn, allows you to be a more loving, caring, kinder and a better person all around. Especially, when you can see the joy your beauty brings to others.

Remember, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes, we may not like what we create, but our creation may bring a peaceful joy to those that can see our passions and our blessings in what we create.

Since I work out of my home office, I attend local bazaars and have a stand at the Dixie Classic Farmers Market from late April until the September. You can find everything you need from fresh produce to arts and crafts. The Dixie Classic fair is open every Saturday year round from 6:30am to 1pm. I hope to See You there!

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