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Manojkumar Marathe

Type of Work: Acrylic/Oil on Canvas, Pencil

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Manoj Marathe was born in Agra India and has been painting for almost 20 years . Working mostly with water colors , painting landscapes and portraits he also has command over Graphite and colored pencils. In his career the relation with knife has always been inseparable. After completing culinary school he worked for 5 star Hotels and restaurants before choosing to live his dream to be an Artist. His style has evolved with time and after painting with water colors for most of his life he put the brush aside and picked up the pallet knife. Unique feature of his knife painting is the distinct strokes and its ability to move the viewers eyes with each stroke created in acrylic as well as oil medium.

He now lives and works in Winston-Salem drawing inspiration from the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountain, the Outer Banks/ costal areas and all the places in between.

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