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Jennifer Nichols

Business Name: J. Nichols Art
Type of Work: Mixed Media Wall Art & Sculpture

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Over time my work has evolved from very sharp, geometric forms back to the organic leaf forms I first began exploring in clay. Currently I work with wood that is left over from my father's cabinet and Windsor chair making. I combine metal materials, such as copper wire, tacks and washers, with organic materials, such as burlap and hemp string, to create mixed media wall reliefs that relate to tree and leaf forms. My goal is not to recreate nature but to capture the essence of nature using found or repurposed materials. In our culture right now we are discussing the issue of sustainability. Many of us are trying to utilize our resources to the fullest and learning how to stretch those resources or use them in multiple ways, not just in art but in every aspect of our lives. For me the tree and leaf forms represent strength and delicacy in a living material that is always exposed to the elements of Mother Nature and abuse of the human race. It's a resource we depend upon as much as fuel, but take for granted. My hope is to capture the essence of these forms using repurposed materials while reminding the viewer of the importance of this resource. As my work has evolved I have included flower and animal forms. I graduated from UNCG with a BFA.

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