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David Allen Giles

Business Name: DAG Designs
Type of Work: Jewelry and Sculptures

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My name is David Allen Giles I go by Allen I grew up in Lexington NC . I am 40 yrs old today March 5 ,2013. I have been doing art all my life and really got into the art scene about 6 months ago. I love the ability to make something by mind and hand. I think making something from nothing is what I enjoy the most. I always start with just randomly placing parts around me to look at and start from there. It looks like nothing at first and then by the time Im done I see so much that I can do to the art. I don't think my art is ever finished to me. The art I do is unusual and beautiful. I hope you see the same thing's that so many people see in my art. I am inspired by SteamPunk, Skull's, Rock&Roll, Goth and the different things that come to me as i'm daydreaming. Also I love to mix good and bad together. If I had to put a label on my art I would call it ExtremePunk. I think an artist look's at things in a different light I know I do

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