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Susan & Meagan Kennedy

Business Name: Trashy Gals
Type of Work: Recycled/Up-cycled Craft Items

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I (Suzy) is a 50 yr old who has been crafting since the age of 4 when she was taught to sew by her Grandmother. There has been many forms of crafting done thru out the years and many classes taken including cross stitch,wreath making, and scrap booking to name a few. As a avid recycle-ist and unemployed a few years ago I (Suzy) decided to use what items I had on hand to make a few gifts for Christmas as I could not purchase anything due to the lack of money. This snowballed into "Trashy Gals" being born that Feb 2011 with the encouraging of family and friends. Meagan my 27 year old daughter joined in last Summer and has brought a younger vibe to our items with her techniques and talents. She as well was taught to craft at a early age by me and is very talented in drawing and pottery( winning several awards in High School ) and is open to try anything new that out there to add to our line of items as well as creating her own. We have done many local events including Asheboro Fall Festival,Patriot Rovers for Vets fundraiser, Uptowne Market, K'ville Indie Flea, Carolina Beach Farmers Market, Trinity's monthly Finch Farm Festival and this Summer was invited to the Denton Threshers Reunion. We have also done several local school and Church events as well.

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