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Toni Becker

Business Name: Whimsical Jewels
Type of Work: Mixed media- painting, recycled art, collage work, glass, stained glass, wire work, clay, jewelry

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Whimsy art made with love to inspire your spirit.

I am a self-taught, mixed media artist that thankfully came from a strong line of women, who had an appreciation and respect for handcrafted items. For as long as I can remember, I have been using art as a way to navigate through life, the road to self-discovery, and to find healing during life’s most difficult challenges. As a young child I would sketch and doodle. I left drawing and art behind because like so many people, my artistic abilities were dampened by the constriction of comparison. Not realizing that my own artistic voice was unique, I turned to music and found the healing powers of my tenor saxophone. While trying to navigate a heart wrenching experience, I once again found the art of making things and found the healing powers of self-expression through creativity. Since then, I’ve had many situations that have cracked me open, leaving a large gaping wound, and each time I have relied on art to find my way. I don’t play music anymore, but I do listen to music during my creative process and together, they have assisted me in finding myself and my way in this world.

My art is whimsical in its design, drawing from the natural world around me. I am inspired by nature, people, culture, color and music. Although, I work with a lot of different mediums my area of focus lately has been painting on canvases, as well as, painting my small illustrations on bottle caps.

Beyond using art for my own creative expression, I am also a teaching artist. I have conducted summer art camps for children and have led small groups of women in creative projects. I am available for birthday parties, girl’s night out activities, one-on-one artistic projects, healing art activities, and to teach. I accept commission work and have been blessed to create jewelry for weddings and other special occasions.

My work can be found on Etsy:; Facebook: and I participate in a local art show called Whimsical Women, located in Pfafftown, NC during the fall season. To view my artistic process and inspiration I can be followed on Instagram: empowerment21. I also share my process and art in a written expression on two blogs: AND My work is available to be sold in galleries and local stores.

I have found a deep sense of self by creating, and love to pay tribute to the natural beauty in this world through my creative expression. Each piece of art I make, whether it’s a painting, a pair of earrings, or a piece of stained glass, is created with love and carefully handcrafted with the intention of bringing balance for myself through creative expression, and to inspire and delight the person purchasing it.

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