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Nataliya Strumila

Type of Work: Russian Stainless Steel Jewelry & wearable fiber arts

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Art is not what I do but it is who I am. For years I felt like I was a body without a voice and now I have found one. Jewelry making is my venue but I cross
into painting, pottery, photography and love to explore other mediums. Being able to make jewelry and stay at home with my daughter is a dream come
true. Years of searching for myself have finally paid off and I am happy to share my gift with you.
I have been a professional Master Crafter/Artist specializing in filigree stainless steel wire technique for the past 5 years. I received my training in Moscow
Russia at the private jewelry school where I lived as an apprentice for 6 weeks. After graduation I built my studio in the back of our house in NC where I
spend most of the time making jewelry.
Every piece of jewelry is made from stainless steel wires that are hand woven and welded using spot welder. There are several stages in making each
piece. First the frames are made. I have created steel plates in school and the wire is bent around them to shape the piece. Then all the leaves are hand
woven separately to go inside the frame. Multiple short pieces of wire are cut to hold pearl, garnet, coral or amber beads embedded inside. All separate
parts are laid out like a puzzle to complete the art piece and then welded one at a time until jewelry comes to life. Once everything is welded, the polishing
and buffing stages complete the process. It takes a long time to make each jewelry piece. For example, it takes me full day to create "Reflections" pendant
with matching earrings ( middle picture). Sometimes I use arc welder for contemporary abstract jewelry pieces like "Dance of Tears" with charoite gemstone
( picture on the left). Art pieces take days as I have to be inspired by something and continue working on the piece until it looks complete. I use semi precious
natural as well as man made stones in my work.
Jewelry is inspired by something that Mother Nature has already created and it looks very organic. I make rings that look like grape bunches or cat tail
plants. Spider web earrings come to life with little flies trapped inside. There are lily and lilac pins and so many other flowers and berries that could be worn
every day and remind us of the beauty that surrounds us. I come up with new patterns and ideas for designs as I walk in the parks, visit flower gardens or
hike in the woods.
Thank you for taking interest in my work.

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