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Meredith Bynum

Type of Work: Photography/Mixed Media/Metal

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I have been head over heels in love with art and all that surrounds it since I can remember. Ever since my father put a camera in my hands I was hooked with finding a different way to look at things. I wanted more. Born and raised in Winston-Salem, I grew up having a passion for both sports and art. I was always that girl who was the weird combination of being both a jock and artist. This proved especially true when I went off to college. I was recruited to play field hockey for several universities, but it was during a recruitment trip up north that Ohio Wesleyan University's Art program won me over. I made the decision to play collegiate sports while pursuing my love for Art. At Ohio Wesleyan University I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with double concentrations in Metalsmithing and Photography with a focus on gallery management. I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the summers of my Junior and Senior year to attain the studio time and credits needed for being a double concentration B.F.A. After college, I moved back to Winston-Salem and worked in the growing arts district during the year that the Red Dog Art Gallery was founded in its early days on Trade Street.

I was a founding artist at Red Dog Art gallery, one of the first five artists to participate in Sunday Brunch for the Arts, have had pieces at multiple studios on trade street in galleries, actively participated in Summer on Trade, modeled for Madelyn Greco-Fray/Scott Fray Living Brush Body painting, worked as an Art Instructor for Young Rembrandts (Eye Level Learning center) and several other amazing ventures that were incredible parts of my foundations as an artist. Today I am living and working in Clemmons, North Carolina. I have been the Head Coach of Varsity Field Hockey at Summit School since 2013, I have had great opportunities to commission work, I have a studio out of my home in Clemmons and am maintaining multiple connections to galleries to sell/commission from here to the coast. I recently was offered a position as an Associate member for Red Dog/AFAS and am trilled to see what the future holds. I am still that girl that is the weird combination of a jock and artist. My love for art is very much alive today. A massive part of my core foundations started on Trade street with AFAS/Red Dog Art Gallery and the people associated with it. AFAS/Red Dog art Gallery are my Art family!!!!!

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