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Kristen Burns

Business Name: A Sparkle of Whimsy
Type of Work: Jewelry

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My name is Kristen Burns. I am thirty years old. I live in Winston-Salem. I am married to a Winston-Salem Police officer. We will celebrate our tenth anniversary this June. I have three amazing children. I work as a teachers assistant in the WSFCS system but my passion is the arts especially jewelry making. I have been creating jewelry for a decade and though it is not my main line of work I refuse to give up my dream of making jewelry a career. My jewelry like myself has change and progressed over the years. I have learned how to make several different types of jewelry and really found my own style of design. I love vintage pieces as well as using recycled jewelry. The antique look is something that I am drawn to. I think my favorite thing to create is earrings. Earrings are also my favorite piece of jewelry to wear! I make charm bracelets, lockets, rings, long necklaces, coffee bean bracelets, letter stamped initial necklaces and I specialize in antique key necklaces. I also make hair accessories, bath salt and soaps. I enjoy spending my spare time with my family and creating things

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