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Joanie Fleishman

Type of Work: Contemporary Realist

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Twitter: Joan Fleishman@ggmolly1


Born in Philadelphia, PA and a graduate of the Philadelphia University, Bok Technical Institute and the Philadelphia Engineer’s School. Joan worked as a designer of process piping in nuclear power plants, oil refineries and waste water treatment plants during the 70’s and 80’s. Armed with her second degree in Interior Design she began a new career in 1987. She was the Director of Design Coordination for Malerisch Design Associates and later the Regional Director of Design and Installation for SunarHauserman, Inc. Joan fought ovarian cancer in the late 1990’s during which time she picked up her brush again and found a renewed sense of peace through painting. In 2006 she retired and dedicated herself to her art full time. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and galleries in Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina. She describes her technique as contemporary with the edge of abstracted realism. “Starting from a photograph and then by the use of cropping, reconstructing, light and color I focus on my narrative of the subject. My paintings each contain a touch of realism and the extent of that touch will vary greatly. I look at each subject individually – deciding how much or how little will remain.”

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