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Mantis King

Artist: Stewart Knight
Installation Year: 2013
Location: 101 north trade st (MIA)
Inspiration: Based on a dream I had of a creature/being that was an amalgamation of both male and female human, a preying mantis and a deer spirit.
Description: Created using natural materials including horseshoe crab shell and deer antlers to create the head features along with two masks laced together to form a single large eye in the middle and had the appearance of a preying mantis like head which was mounted on a males upright standing body was decorated in abstract eyes along the chest and shoulders with a copper toned abdomen area; legs and arms were painted a deep rich green and had glittery gold like designs from the knees down like disco socks..the torso also had three stars painted on the back between shoulder blades and a blackish purple heart on the chest over the heart area with a daisy kid logo...antlers on the head were gold leafed with glitter and was heavily jeweled like a crown.