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Show Name: The Beauty of Words

Description: There is such beauty in words, how we use them to communicate our ideas, our feelings, and our emotions. Words hold power beyond their definitions. Certain words can hold special and deep meaning to people. So for our next group exhibit at The Red Dog Gallery we invite artists to submit up to 3 artworks that are inspired by, visually represent or illustrate a particular word that holds a special meaning to you as an artist and/or individual. The 3 pieces can represent different words, or the same word showing different meanings to you (showing different sides of the same coin). When submitting your work on-line you will be asked to enter 2 or 3 lines indicating the word that inspired the piece, its definition, what it means to you, and how it is interpreted in your artwork. We are allowing 3 entries per artist and placing a 500.00 limit on pricing for this show. We are encouraging smaller pieces of art with an affordable price for our patrons.

Show Start Date: 05-31-2021 Show End Date: 08-28-2021

Reception: 06-04-2021 Times: (6-8 pm)

You can view the works from show on the Shop Red Dog Gallery

Here is a list of the artists showing in this exhibit.
You can find more information about them on our Artists page.

Marilynn Barr Karen Britton Bonnie Brown Marilyn Burke
Meredith Bynum Ginny Campbell Brenda Carter Holli Conger
Carolina Corona Owens Daniels Cheryl Davis Holly Evans
Will Fernandez Mako Fufu Alice Goldman Barrie Howard
Jared Hunter Michael Isley Christy Jerrett James Garrett Majcher
Neha Makim Anne McKinney Barbara Rizza Mellin Susan Morris
Leslie Newsome Bernadette Potts Lauren Reveri Heidi A. Strickland
AMY TALLEY Tina Tonozzi Dennis Wells Eileen Wilhem
Hank Willis