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Featured Artist: Beth Murray and Bussie Parker Kehoe

Show Name: Maximalism/Minimalism

Description: We share so much: our passion to create, our appreciation of art, our love of life; we even share a studio space! Yet our artwork comes from very different intentions and artistic approaches, and results in very different work. Beth is a fearless maximalist who submerges herself in color, always to a beautifully layered, cohesive end. Bussie overlooks color completely, losing herself in form and structure. When viewed all together, our art complements each other beautifully, a testament to those things we have in common.

Show Start Date: 03-29-2021 Show End Date: 05-29-2021

Beth Murray is an abstract painter who lives in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She has called Winston home all of her life and attended Salem College
where She majored in Studio Art. She has raised her two children here and as they have become more independent she has found herself back in the studio. She enjoys working in acrylic paints and various mark-marking styles. One of her greatest joys is entering the studio everyday and exploring and pushing herself to constantly grow with her work.
Instagram: @bethmurrayart

Bussie Parker Kehoe studied printmaking and drawing at the University of Virginia, then put her art practice on pause while she practiced law, started a family, and taught art to preschool-aged children in Washington DC. After a couple of family moves, the need to create could not be contained any longer and in 2018, Bussie opened her first studio in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Bussie has shown her work locally at Camino Bakery, Delurk Gallery, Red Dog Gallery, and at exhibitions through Associated Artists Winston-Salem. You can also find her work at Hotel Indigo, Winston Salem and for sale at Sfeer & Co, Winston Salem.
Instagram: @bussieart

Some works from both artists

Beth Murray

Bussie Parker Kehoe

Beth Murray
Bussie Parker Kehoe

Beth Murray

Nature's Tempo

Bussie Parker Kehoe