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Funky Junk

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Please read these before you submit your art:
  • All artwork submitted must be for sale
  • No erotic art, propaganda, profanity or political art will be accepted for this exhibit
  • All submitted files must be less than 2MB in file size
  • File names must not contain any special characters – letters and numbers only please
  • Do not use special characters in the names of the pieces
  • Do not include your personal picture with the art submission
  • Prices can not be increased once accepted by the curators
  • Size limitations:
    • 2-D artwork – maximum size 48" width x 60" height
    • 3-D artwork must be able to fit through a standard door and be no taller than 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide
    • 3-D artwork may weigh no more than 200 lbs
  • Finishing:
    • 2-D artwork must be framed and securely wired or on securely wired stretched canvas, finished on all sides (painted or framed)
    • No clip mounting or saw tooth hangers will be accepted
    • If not adequately prepared for display, artwork will be withdrawn from the exhibition
    • The AFAS Group reserves the right to refuse any submission that it deems unacceptable
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